Worlds Longest Limo Convoy

There are plenty of limousine manufacturers and coach builders who have set out to have the longest limousine in the world and while that title makes for a slightly impractical finished product, the Guinness World Record for the longest limo convoy makes for a great show.

Right here in the UK, Blackpool was the site of a 1.18 mile long convoy of limousines, making it an official world record. The record braking convoy was made up of 100 limousines and not only were the limousines getting into the record books, they were also raising money for the Mayors charity and collected over twenty thousand pounds.

A Ferrari limousine lead the convoy which set off along the Golden Mile and brought traffic all around to a stand still on 8th October 2007 when the record was set. The rest of the convoy was made up of limousines from around the UK and the amazing sight of so many stunning limousines in convoy brought out thousands of locals to enjoy the show.

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